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e-Trycatch Tech: Indoor vertical farming WhatsApp +8801611888589 Vertical farming production costs and financial performance CapEx, OpEx, ROI, and repayment periods must be calculated using personalized calculations in order to account for all variables. To illustrate, let's examine a vertical farm enterprise in the United Arab Emirates that utilizes Green Amazon Leafy Greens technologies. The 500-square-meter structure has a height of 4.6 meters, providing it a total cultivation area of 1,000 square meters. If the farm grows lettuce and herbs, its estimated monthly yield is 3,400 kilograms. With a produce price of approximately $ 18 per kilogram, the farm's total income is $ 57,900. The monthly cost of labor, materials, utilities, rent, and other operational expenses is approximately $32,600. This gives the farm a monthly EBITDA of $26,200, and the farmer is expected to recoup their investment in the Green Amazon agricultural technology and equipment in just 3.6 years. The average return on investment for an Green Amazon vertical agricultural startup is four to six years. It is essential to note that the provided calculations are approximations, as they do not include expenses such as the building itself, renovations, shipping, and import duties. Before beginning a vertical farm, it
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The benefits of indoor food production are becoming increasingly apparent, especially in urban areas where it reduces water consumption and provides a constant supply of fresh, locally grown produce. This transition to vertical farming can reduce producers' reliance on conventional methods and improve crop quality.

In this article, Green Amazon will instruct you on:

Initial expenses


Energy consumption and labor costs are included in production costs.

Profitability of vertical farming

Costs associated with vertical agricultural automation

Costs of vertical farming arrangement

When establishing a vertical farm, it is essential to consider the location of the farm and the necessary equipment as two of the most significant startup expenses.

The cost of securing a facility is substantial. Many agricultural businesses utilize shipping containers, warehouses, and even abandoned ports to make efficient use of urban space and reduce the cost of vertical farming facilities.

Cost of constructing a vertical farm with modules

Not all entrepreneurs, however, opt for large-scale commercial operations; some prefer to establish a modest indoor farm for their production cycle. The French microfluidic cosmetics company Cap sum, for instance, opted for a 10-square-meter mini-lab to cultivate pesticide-free micro greens and flowers for their novel cosmetic formulations.

When calculating the cost of constructing a vertical farm, it is essential to take into account your business objectives, the location, and the condition of the building, among other factors.

Although building costs cannot be generalized, we can still estimate design, equipment, and installation expenses.

What is the cost of establishing a vertical farm?

The cost to outfit an area with Green Amazon vertical farm rack technology, including installation and activation, is approximately $1,000 per square meter (the precise cost depends on the size of the farm and other factors such as building conditions and the need for auxiliary equipment).

The total capital expenditures (CapEx) for a 1,000-square-meter growing area (500 square meters of floor space; 4.5 meters in height) would be approximately $1 million (including equipment and installation, but excluding the cost of building construction or renovation, logistics, and customs fees).

Consult the table below to obtain an understanding of which components are included in the calculation of setup costs for an indoor vertical farm.

Cost of constructing a vertical farm with modules


Calculating your vertical farm's launch costs

With the Green Amazon Cost Calculator, you can test your ideas and gain a better comprehension of the Capital Expenditures in your region and the potential payback period.

This utility provides you with:

An estimation of the cultivable area

required energy

daily average electrical and water usage

Total financial commitment

Budgetary monthly costs

From farm technology and installation to quality assurance, the cost calculator facilitates the development of a preliminary business plan.

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